Tanking is a specialist waterproofing system applied to the face of a structure, on the positive side or the negative side, designed to prevent any lateral penetration of liquid, either by capillary action or by hydrostatic pressure. Its most common usage is in cellars and basements, and it is also used in buildings with split-levels.

Tanking operations are carried out to structures subject to hydrostatic water pressure as well as liquid retaining structures. The application of Tanking can turn a once redundant and uninhabitable area into a functional accommodation space.

Installation of a Tanking

Membrane System

We are able to offer two waterproofing systems, namely the sheet membrane system and the cementitious system.  Our skilled operatives have had many years experience in the installation of such systems in many hundreds of buildings. Once installed, a tanking system will control dampness and reduce the likelihood of any further deterioration of the fabric of the building caused by ground water.

One of our team of highly qualified surveyors during the course of the survey will obtain information about the use to which the building will be subject, and related site information regarding ground conditions etc.  He will then recommend the best system, given the type of property and the conditions inherent within.

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Installation of a Cementitious

Tanking System


Installation of a

Membrane Tanking System


For more detailed information please see our Tanking Specification, attached to your survey report.

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