Dry rot exposure

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Dry Rot Project


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Materials for tanking

Tanking Project

Tanking is a specialist waterproofing system applied to the face of a structure, on the positive side or the negative side. It is designed to prevent any lateral penetration of moisture, either by capillary action or hydrostatic pressure. Its most common usage is in cellars and basements, it is also used in buildings with split levels of flooring.

The application of tanking can transform a damp and uninhabitable redundant area into a functional accommodation space. This extra space can add greatly to the value of the property and can be achieved without impacting on the overall footprint of the building.

Dry rot is a brown rot fungus that affects timber that has been subject to moisture exposure. Dry rot is very secretive and favours dark stagnant conditions in which to develop. Because of this it is able to spread extensively before any damage may become apparent. Thus, the first signs of a major attack may often be the collapse of the section of an apparently sound piece of timber. The fungus is capable of penetrating through brickwork, masonry and plaster in search of other areas of timber to attack.