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1.  Guarantee

On payment of the Central Conservation Ltd. account not later than the payment time, the Central Conservation Ltd. 10 years guarantee [1 year on pumping systems] where applicable to the contract shall come into effect.  In the event of the sale of the property Central Conservation Ltd is able to transfer the benefits of the guarantee to the new owner - subject to a fee appropriate at the time. Any claim under the terms of the guarantee will be subject to the fee appropriate at that time.

Any guarantee or insurance cover in respect of woodworm, fungal decay or rising damp will be valid when the causes of woodworm, fungal decay or rising dampness identified in this report are effectively dealt with.  If this requires work to be done by other parties, such work must be completed within three months of completion of our treatment if no other time is specified in our report.

2.  Independent Guarantee Cover

For further protection of our clients, Central Conservation Ltd. guarantees can be protected by an independent, insured guarantee.  Details of cover are available on request.  (Insured guarantees are NOT available for tanking contracts).

3.  Settlement of Accounts

Accounts are due for payment on completion of the works, or immediately on receipt of invoice unless otherwise indicated.  “Immediately” shall be deemed to mean received by Central Conservation Ltd. by return of post.  The issuing of the Central Conservation Ltd. guarantee is dependent on the Terms of Payment, accepted by the client when signing the Acceptance of Quotation form, being observed.  Should payment be delayed, Central Conservation Ltd. reserves the right to add interest to the account at the rate of 2% per calendar month. Late charges may also be applicable (Scale of charges available upon request).


If, on the agreed commencement date, Central Conservation Ltd.’s technicians are unable to commence work owing to lack of access, mains electricity or completion by the client of any specified preparatory work, any costs incurred shall be chargeable to the client, in addition to the accepted quotation(s).  A new mutually convenient date must then be agreed.  Similarly, should any action or lack of action by the client or his agents necessitate extra work or overtime in order to complete the contract, the consequential additional cost shall be extra to Central Conservation Ltd.’s quotation and will be included in the final account.


Only the work specifically mentioned or quoted in the associated report is covered by this quotation, which is fixed unless otherwise stated.  If, in the course of carrying out the said work, additional work is found to be necessary and this fact is agreed by the client, or if the client requests additional work, the said additional work shall be the subject of a further and additional quotation.  No verbal agreements with any of Central Conservation Ltd.’s technicians shall have any validity in this respect. Any advice about the works either of a technical or other nature should be sought by contact with the Company directors at head office. The replacement or refitting of any fixtures or fittings is not included in the contract unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand.


No responsibility shall attach to Central Conservation Ltd. for damage caused during the progress of their work to any pipes, wires or other conducting media should the client fail to notify Central Conservation Ltd. of the exact location and run of such services, or a neighbour’s services in the case of party walls, prior to commencement of the work.  Nor shall any responsibility attach to Central Conservation Ltd. for damage caused as a result of any weakness or defect in the building in which they have contracted to carry out work.  Every reasonable care will be taken by our staff to ensure that disturbance and damage is kept to a minimum, but no responsibility can be accepted by Central Conservation Ltd. when, because of the nature of the work, this occurs.


Where the scope of works is reduced from the original quotation, the reduced amount may be subject to the company's minimum charge criteria.


Certain materials installed in cavity walls for the purpose of insulation may be partially dissolved or damaged by the carrier of the silicone fluid.  Central Conservation Ltd. cannot be held responsible for damage to such materials nor for determining whether they are present.


No responsibility can be taken for any work not carried out by Central Conservation Ltd.


While every possible consideration and care will be taken of client’s property and possessions, Central Conservation Ltd. can accept no liability for any damage to any wall or floor surfacing or coverings, or to any items of the client’s property which are left within the working area. We would strongly urge that the client takes all the necessary precautions to protect furniture and personal belongings from dust and the like during the course of the works. Due to the nature of the works there will be some debris and dust associated with undertaking said works. Whilst we always endeavour to clean up, there will always be an element of dust that will resettle for several days after the completion of the works. All treatment areas must be cleared of carpets, furniture and personal belongings prior to treatment taking place.


Central Conservation Ltd.’s tender contained in this quotation and its associated report is subject to revision or withdrawal on the discovering of factors that were not apparent at the time of its submission and in particular the discovery of unexpected factors upon exposure of previously inaccessible areas.  The quotation is open for acceptance within 1 month of its submission and is made upon the assumption that the works are carried out within 2 months of the date thereof.  If the quotation is accepted, but the works are not carried out within 2 months, Central Conservation Ltd. reserves the right to amend its quotation to take account of increased charges and overheads.


Central Conservation Ltd. reserve the right to alter the provisions of their specifications in such respects as may be found necessary during the course of the works.


It is the client’s responsibility to inform their neighbours of the commencement of any works and set in place an agreement in line with the Party Wall Act.  Central Conservation Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any failure on the clients part arising thereof.


The performance with regard to all external works depends greatly upon clement weather conditions.


Central Conservation Ltd. will, if instructed by the Client remove and/or refit radiators, appliances, etc.  Under these conditions no responsibility will be taken for their operation prior to, or after removal/refitting.  Such work is only undertaken on this basis.  This shall not affect the Clients right to appoint their own tradesman to undertake the aforementioned work.


Central Conservation Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising from the failure to complete the works by any date specified by this contract, or by any representation or arrangement made by its servants or agents, whether oral or in writing.  Central Conservation Ltd. shall not be liable for any failure to complete specified works delayed due to any force majeure beyond the company’s control.  All reasonable efforts will be made to achieve a speedy conclusion of any works. Our contracts specifically exclude any consequential losses either in relation to loss of use, redecoration, rental or any other such matters.


Non-completion of additions and/or variations shall not form a reason for delaying payments due on contracts completed to the original specification.


Deposits are non-refundable, except under special circumstances.  Any expenses incurred by Central Conservation Ltd. due to the Clients failure to comply with the requirements as laid down in the report and terms & conditions, shall be charged against the Client.

Terms and Conditions

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